Chico Basin Ranch: what to expect in 2015!

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Chico Basin Ranch has hosted guest ranch vacations that revolve around a large scale working ranch since 2000. Chico Basin Ranch guests are intimately involved in all ranch life to the extent that they desire, whether this be on horseback, fixing fences or putting feed out for the cattle. The working cattle ranch has found that making a contribution to the daily ranch activities gives guests the biggest thrill, so programs have been developed to include guests so that they are a part of the daily work’s success. There are ample opportunities to take time off on your own for hiking, wildlife viewing, swimming or fishing in one of the ranch’s five lakes.  During the spring and fall, there are bird banding station works on the ranch as Chico Basin is one of the biggest migratory flyways in Colorado.  There are over 320 birds on the Chico Bird list!

Sleepin' and eatin'!


Chico Basin has three rooms: a 1-room cabin and a renovated historic adobe building with 2 rooms in it, which makes the experience on the Chico very intimate, with just 2-4 guests at any one time.  Guests prepare their own breakfast and a sack lunch in the kitchen in the facility they are living in, and dinners are shared with and prepared by staff in the guest facilities or in personal homes.


The Hideout Lodge and Guest Ranch's Marijn DeCabooter: Inspiration to all riders

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The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch transformed the life of its owner, Marijn De Cabooter.
Several years ago, Marijn left her comfortable and cosmopolitan life in Brussels Belgium to move with Peter and their sons Edward and Victor to Shell, Wyoming and open a guest ranch. Despite Wyoming not being Marijn’s destination of choice and her fear of horses, Marijn worked hard to overcome that fear and today is a very talented horsewoman. With the help of “Charlie Brown”, a wonderful calm horse, Marijn overcame her fear of horses and now, together with the head wrangler, manages the riding program at The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch.

This film is a testimonial that anyone who has the will and determination can change, overcome fears and improve their life, no matter their age or background.
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Some of the guests who visit The Hideout Lodge & Guest Ranch are reluctant or fearful riders. Marijn understands this fear and together with great, patient horses, is able to help guests overcome their fears and enjoy being on a horse and riding in the beautiful scenery that The Hideout has to offer.

We hope you enjoy this profile filmed by Top50 Ranches and Discover Outdoor Life.


Deep Canyon Guest Ranch: Ranch with a View

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This week, join us on a visit to Montana’s Deep Canyon Guest Ranch just outside of Choteau, Montana.  This small, charming, family-ran ranch is owned and operated by husband and wife Chuck and Sharon Blixrud, and their daughter, Debra Renteria. 

Deep Canyon Guest Ranch is a hidden treasure located south of Glacier National Park with views of the Rocky Mountain Front that can’t be accessed anywhere else.  



Rowse’s 1+1, The Working Ranch

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To really experience life on a working ranch, you have to live it.  And that’s what guests do when they visit Rowse’s 1+1.  In its latest episode, Discover Ranches reveals a day in the life of this working ranch located in Burwell, Nebraska.

“They just want to live out their dreams.”  Says owner and rancher Tammy Rowse.


There are no luxurious spa treatments, yoga,  or nose-to-tail rides.  Guests participate in daily ranch life, which sometimes can be very challenging, and includes working cattle, riding, roping, branding, driving the herd, and sorting cattle.  But it’s clear that work is what guests are there for, and they certainly aren’t deterred— as evidenced by the ranch’s number of return clientele.  


10 things you can do on a ranch that you NEVER would back home!

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  1. Let the kids out of your sight

After all, you know they’ll be in good hands at a family ranch, especially ones with outstanding childrens’ programs – check out Latigo Ranch in Colorado, Lone Mountain Guest Ranch in Montana, and Averill's Flathead Lake Lodge, also in Montana.

  1. Leave your front door unlocked at night

There ain’t no one around for at least 40 miles, and it saves remembering where the heck you put your keys.

  1. Swap hairspray for bear spray

An hour in the saddle under your Stetson, and no amount of hairspray is going to fix that chignon. Stock up on bear spray instead, especially if heading to mountain ranches where bears are known to roam. Ranches such as Triple Creek Ranch in Montana and Siwash Lake Ranch in BC offer safari tours, giving you ample opportunity to spot elusive bears – just be careful not to get on the wrong side of a protective mom!


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