Becoming a National Geographic Unique Lodge

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Brush Creek Ranch, Triple Creek Ranch: Condé Nast Traveler reveals 2014 Readers' Choice Awards

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Brush Creek Ranch, WY and Triple Creek Ranch, MT chosen by Conde Nast Traveler as top Dude Ranches of 2014!

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Conde nast traveler awards




Ranch vacations โ€“ 15 things to make you happy in 2015!

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Top 50 has 15 things that’ll guarantee you’ll have a very happy 2015 ranch vacation! The old adage ‘New Year New You’ is repeated constantly for a reason! A new year gives us the chance to put the old behind us and become excited for a happy, healthy start. We’ve put together a list of things we think will guarantee happiness over the next 12 months!


Get happy on a ranch vacation in 2015!


  1. Surprise a loved one – not just a partner – this Valentine’s Day. Whether you want to give a small gift like a framed photo of a happy memory, or go guns blazin’ with a big gesture like a surprise trip away, making someone you love smile will also make you smile!
  2. Step out of your comfort zone and try somethin’ new. Try your hand at an activity that gets the adrenaline flowing, like skiing, watersports, or horseback ridin’.
  3. Eat healthy, mood-boosting foods, like grass-fed meat, dark chocolate, and organic fruit and vegetables.
  4. Clear out your wardrobe! Ditch all those things you never wear and make space for any new things you need – especially if you’re planning a vacation, you’ll feel much less guilty about splashin’ out on new gear, and best of all you’ll feel de-cluttered and refreshed.
  5. Get fit! Of course everyone wants to look good, but humans were made to move and as you exercise, you release those fab feel-good hormones that help reduce stress levels.
  6. If you’re already a keen horse rider, why not take time to improve your riding/horsemanship skills? Try your hand at somethin’ new like western riding, or learn natural horsemanship.
  7. Book a vacation! We all need time out to recharge our batteries and rewarding yourself with something to look forward to will certainly put a smile on your face.
  8. Donate to charity – regularly giving to others less fortunate generates an awesome feeling inside, meaning our happiness increases, too!
  9. Take time out for yourself – meditate, read a book, or learn yoga.
  10. Get outdoors! Studies have shown that spending as little as 20 minutes outside in good weather not only boosts positive mood, but also broadens thinking and improves the working memory. Participants were also found to be substantially happier outdoors in all natural environments than they were in urban environments.
  11. Spend time helping others – research suggests that 100 hours per year (or two hours per week) is the optimal time we should dedicate to helping others in order to enrich our own lives and be happier.
  12. Spend your money on doing rather than having. Amazing experiences give us a better, longer-lasting feeling than having the latest items.
  13. Get an early night! Good sleep helps us repair and recharge, not getting enough promotes low mood and means we have no energy to do the things that make us happy.
  14. Get yourself pampered at a good spa and choose to spend your vacations somewhere with the option of relaxation.
  15. Look back at old photos of good times, like happy holidays, great days out and people you love. Guaranteed to get you crackin’ a cheesy grin!

 We hope you have a real happy ranch vacation in 2015!

10 life hacks for the perfect dude ranch vacation this Christmas and New Year's

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These 10 life hacks will mean that preparing for your dude ranch vacation over the festive season doesn't have to be stressful! We all want to get the most out of our precious vacations, especially over the holiday period and we want to make sure you have the ranch vacation of a lifetime!


1) If you’re booking a flight to get to your dude ranch the best prices for departures are usually found on Sunday, Monday or Tuesday, returning Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday. Monday-to-Monday trips are usually good value. Basically flying during the week where you can, offers you the best deals.


Be Prepared for your Winter Ranch Vacation

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If you are planning for a ranch vacation this winter, be prepared to enjoy the beauty that the season has to offer. The winter landscape is a breathtaking view and even more so on a ranch. However, with that view comes the cold weather that is present whenever Old Man Frost is around.

Dressing for winter ranch vacations

Montana has one of the harshest climates in the lower 48, but, the payoff is well worth it. At the Bar W Guest Ranch you have the option of taking sleigh rides and soaking in all the beauty that the scenery has to offer. However, the lows in that area can get down to an average of 20 degrees.

Justin Ruggesd Utah Round Toe BootDressing for the climate is a must, as well as keeping your feet warm. I found some boots a while back and I love them. They are Justin Rugged Utah Round Toe Boots (I found mine at, but they are more like Cadillacs on my feet. They are extremely toasty and keep my toes at the right temperature year round. Of course, no winter outfit would be complete without some leggings. I honestly just use some typical Hanes Long Underwear for that.

Of course, keeping your upper body heated is absolutely essential. I really like the look and feel of a nice Carhartt jacket. Mine keeps me pleasantly comfortable. Most importantly, it allows me the ability to move around easily without feeling restricted. This is important to me when I am engaging in a family snowball war.






Dressing for Winter Sun Ranch Vacations

Amanda SweaterOn the other side of the spectrum is the ability to vacation in some of the warmer climate areas for the winter. A great example is BG Equestrian Resort located in Florida. Here you won’t be involved in the family snowball fights; instead, you will be pampered with temperatures in the 60’s and of course, you want to stop by at the local Silver Springs State Park and take a Glass Bottom Boat tour. In this climate a light jacket would be perfect, or even a thicker shirt. One of my favorite picks that is both functional and stylish is the Amanda Sweater (retails around $199.95). This keeps my wife looking great and feeling comfortable.

No matter where you go, a Dude Ranch vacation in the winter is unlike any other vacation you will experience. No matter if you are looking to be able to enjoy a working ranch, or be pampered at a resort, you can’t go wrong. Being able to get back to the roots and be able to communicate with nature is sometimes exactly what is needed for the soul. Somehow it seems to make me feel right with the world.

by Nash Ricci

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