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Australia horse riding holidays don't get better than Snowy River Horseback Adventure in New South Wales, in the south east corner of Australia. And when this Australia horse ranch says adventure, it means it!

horse riding australia Snowy River Horseback Adventure

Australia horse riding holidays at Snowy River offer a luxury twist on authentic horseback riding adventures over Man From Snowy River country. Snowy River Horseback Adventures specializes in horse treks, leading small groups of riders on 2-5 day horse treks across the snowy river countryside. As you'd expect from any Australia horse riding holiday, you will ride through terrain typical of the country - eg, bush trails, old stock routes, and fire and brumby trails. What makes Snowy river stand out from other Australia Horse treks is the diversity of its countryside - horse treks at Snowy River will take you through winding forests of majestic snowgums and mountain ash, the pristine and unique Snowy Mountains, along crystal clear streams, and through valleys and the mighty Snowy River gorge.

Take an adventure trek during your Australia horse riding holiday and you'll get to canter along the open plains surrounded by mountains, before making your back through the famous Australian bush on tracks used by brumbies - wild horses. Every day spent in the saddle will be different from the next, each day of your Australia horse riding adventure at Snowy River bringing something new and interesting.

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