Help Wanted, Zapata Ranch, Colorado

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Zapata Ranch, Colorado: Help Wanted


April - 31st October 2013

Zapata Ranch is a 103,000 acre working ranch and bison preserve owned by The Nature Conservancy, and managed through a one-of-a-kind partnership with Ranchlands

The successful applicants will be outgoing, gracious, and highly guest oriented. Candidates should demonstrate an interest in ranching, conservation, and people.

Wranglers must be lifetime riders—english or western—who can demonstrate safe, effective horsemanship.

Previous experience or a demonstrated interest in natural science and environmental education is desirable, though a love of nature and desire to learn is just as valuable.

Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to the care of the ranch’s 50 horses, maintenance of the corral area and a variety of lodge duties.  Wranglers will also act as guides on hikes, bison tours, and other activities.

A valid drivers license is required. 

We’d also like to hear about any other skills you may have—leatherwork, mechanics, roping,  birding, etc-- that may enhance the guest experience and daily operations.

To apply, please send a photo, resume, and a cover letter detailing why you want to work for Zapata Ranch as well as an essay in your own words, minimum of two paragraphs, describing what is important to you in living your life to

A look into Zapata Ranch:

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