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The Hideout Ranch in Wyoming, USA, inspired one of its guests for fictional novel "West of Sheridan". The ranch's good friend and guest, Mr Dean Ross, penned and published the fictional novel about two men traveling through northern Wyoming after a solar event destroys the nation’s population and access to modern technology. The men subsequently find themselves in the modern day/future version of the “Old Wild West”.

West of Sheridan novel

"West of Sheridan" is described as "fast-paced, adventurous and captivating, while embodying humor, romance and inspiration. Above all, it is a literary illustration of character and moral fiber; a compelling look inside the heads of two very distinctive, contradictory men and what drives them.”

The Hideout Ranch is particularly excited that the story takes place in their neck of the woods, with familiar landscapes, towns and geography. Ross reveals that gained much of his inspiration for the setting of "West of Sheridan" from his time spent on dude ranch vacations at The Hideout Ranch as a repeat guest.

Says Jessy McLavey from The Hideout: "Mr Ross was kind enough to send us a few boxes with signed copies of the novel to stock in our gift shop. The handwritten inscription in each title page reads: 'The Hideout is where this adventure started for me. Hope your adventure is the same.' We’re so glad we could help his creative flow from our little corner of Shell, Wyoming!"

There is even a special 'thank you' from Mr Ross to The Hideout in the afterword of "West of Sheridan":

'I’d like to say a special word of thanks to David and Paula Flitner, owners of the Flitner Ranch and The Hideout, and Peter and Marijn De Cabooter, managers and hosts of The Hideout Ranch in Shell, Wyoming. I have stayed there several times, and it is never easy to leave. It was on an impromptu trip to The Hideout many years ago when I was introduced to the culture and people of Wyoming, and have found myself drawn back ever since. The accommodations are luxurious and comfortable, the food is incredible, but it is the people – their honesty, integrity, and spirit – that make this resort such a wonderful place to stay. You will arrive as a guest, but you will leave as a friend. The Hideout location is used in this story with permission.'

Adds Jessy: "The Hideout crew is so thrilled to be mentioned with such high regard, and we’re all excited to crack open a copy of West of Sheridan and dive into the story!"

Want to read the novel? You can buy it from Amazon here.

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