The Ranch at Rock Creek offers Ultimate Luxury

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The Ranch at Rock Creek in Montana offers the ultimate in a luxury ranch vacation.

montana dude ranch

The stunning landscape makes this a rider's dream. Unfettered and visually appealing.


horseback riding holidays

Quality horses for you to enjoy.

montana dude ranch, ranch at rock creek

Ranch structures so perfectly blend into the natural landscape.

the ranch at rock creek, montana dude ranch

Enjoy a very relaxing cabin setting with the smells and sounds of nature all around.

montana cattle drive

Enjoy a range of outdoor sports from horseback riding...

dude ranch activities shooting sports...

dude ranch yoga yoga in a serene setting...

luxury dude ranch just relaxing at the pool and much more. And, don't miss out relaxing in the Ranch's spa!

luxury dude ranch, ranch at rock creek

Comfortable lodging takes place in luxurious tents to lodge rooms to booking a relaxing ranch home for your family.

luxury ranch vacation

A guest's genuine comfort was at the heart of establishing the ranch.

luxury ranch vacations

Each room at the ranch exudes its own distinct character.

family dude ranch

Whether your bring the children and visit the ranch as a family, come as a couple or a single, you are sure to come back year after year.

Hospitality and attention to detail is felt at The Ranch at Rock Creek where their subtle excellence mixes with an ambiance of warmth, luxury and comfort.

Contact The Ranch at Rock Creek to book your ranch holiday Today, or visit Top50 for a wider selection of luxury dude ranches.

- Jody Dahl

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